Support Coordination

What is Support Coordination and what can you expect from Atali Coordination?
Core Purpose:
  • Helps NDIS participants understand and effectively use their NDIS plan funding to achieve their goals.
  • Assists in navigating the NDIS system and connecting with relevant services and providers.
  • Builds participant capacity to manage their own supports and make informed choices.
Types of Support Coordination:
  • Support Coordination: General assistance with coordinating supports and services.
  • Specialist Support Coordination: More intensive support for participants with complex needs or challenging situations.
    What Support Coordinators Can Do:
    • Explain NDIS plans and funding options.
    • Research and recommend suitable providers and services.
    • Help set up supports, negotiate service agreements, and resolve any issues that arise.
    • Connect participants with community resources and mainstream services.
    • Assist with planning for the future and adjusting supports as needed.
    • Advocate for participants to ensure their needs are met.
      Who Can Benefit:
      • Participants who need help understanding their NDIS plan and making the most of their funding.
      • Participants with complex needs who require extra support to manage their supports effectively.
      • Participants who are new to the NDIS or who have experienced changes in their circumstances.
      How to Access:
      • Support coordination is a funded support under the NDIS. If you need support coordination, talk to your NDIA planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) about including it in your NDIS plan.
        NDIS Support Coordinators are not able to:
        • Provide direct support services: They cannot be paid to deliver personal care, therapy, or other hands-on support.
        • Act as an independent advocate: While they can attend meetings and help you self-advocate, they cannot act as a formal advocate on your behalf.
        • Manage staff rosters: They cannot create or manage rosters for support workers.
        • Provide financial advice or management: They cannot manage your finances or give you professional financial advice.
        • Make decisions for you: They can offer guidance and information, but ultimately, you make the final decisions about your supports.

        Additionally, Support Coordinators should not:

        • Have a conflict of interest: They must not recommend services where they have a financial or personal stake.
        • Engage in discriminatory practices: They must treat all participants fairly and respectfully.
        • Breach confidentiality: They must keep your personal information private.

        NDIS Navigation

        Atali Coordination can guide you through every step of your NDIS plan, ensuring a seamless journey.

        HOW CAN WE HELP?

        Atali Coordination offers the NDIS Navigation service for parents/carers and individual participants who aren’t eligible for Support Coordination funding. This support focuses on skill building, teaching participants and plan nominees how to manage their own plans effectively, from implementation to reassessment.

        With Atali Coordination, you can learn how to:

        • Feel empowered to navigate the NDIS by understanding your funding and your plan with Atali Coordination’s personalised support
        • Understand the best ways to utilise your funding to reach your goals
        • Manage your plan effectively with our personalised budgeting support
        WHAT WE OFFER:

        Expert Navigation: Our skilled NDIS Navigators will assist you in understanding and implementing your NDIS plan effectively, building your capacity for future plans.

        Personalised Support: Tailored support and coaching to meet your individual needs and goals.

        Budgeting Assistance: Provide support and training on understanding and managing your NDIS budget efficiently and effectively.

        Plan Preparation: Support you to build the skills to prepare for end-of-plan reviews with confidence and assurance.


          Dedicated Team: Our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality support and guidance.

          Experience: With years of experience in NDIS coordination, we have the expertise to navigate any challenge.

          Holistic Approach: We focus on empowering you to take control of your NDIS journey and achieve your aspirations.